Did you know that chronic pain has become a multi billion dollar industry? $60 Billion, to be exact– in the US alone. The medical and pharmaceutical fields are taking home a big fat pay check thanks to your agonizing pain and sleepless nights. But how are you feeling? Well, by most stats, patients have been left with little healing and a lot of drugs to mask their aches.

Global Industry Analysts claim that people want more efficient drugs and medical devices for pain treatment but they don’t take into consideration the fact that they actually want to see results without the side effects.

For far too long, patients have endured empty diagnosis and full pill bottles. Guess what, “Non-Specific Mechanical Neck/Back Pain” is not a diagnosis! Just because an MD cannot see a problem does not mean there is not one.

These empty diagnosis stop now with the dawn of CRMA imaging. Now a spinal ligament specialist can begin to heal these elusive injuries, actually heal them. That means no more covering up nagging pain with prescriptions and Pinterest remedies.

You can and will see results when you work with the right doctors, and at CHRC we have just that– come see us, there are no cover-ups or empty solutions in our office walls.

Time To Start Feeling Better?