We all live with aches and pains– that’s just how life is, right? NO!

You don’t have to settle for a life filled with back aches and neck pain. You can start living a healthier life without the help of medication, surgery or some home-remedy you found on Pinterest. How? Well, let us explain.

Have you ever taken a hard fall? Been in a car accident? Gotten injured playing a sport? Most of us have, but were you ever treated for any sort of spinal ligament damage? Most likely not, because this sort of damage was very hard to medically diagnose– leaving us with chronic pain stemming from these forgotten accidents. That is, until now.

With Spinal Kinetics’ Certified Experts, like our very own Dr.Lesko, haunting chronic pain can be alleviated. How you ask? With help from a break-through technique called Computer Assisted Radiographic Mensuration Analysis, we can now pinpoint the exact location of ligament damage and measure the level of articular alignment problems it has caused– giving us the tools to diagnose and treat your condition effectively and strategically, and giving you the answers and care you need.

Stop fooling around with placebo diagnosis. Our bodies don’t ache for no reason­—these pains are symptoms of an untreated injury and damage. A life lived with nagging discomfort, places a handicap on reaching your full potential. Don’t settle.

Time To Start Feeling Better?